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 Trained German Shepherd Puppies & Dogs for Sale

Please call Brigitte Pelouze to inquire, all dogs are not always listed.  978 270-9200

German Shepherd Puppies

We breed for:

Health, Temperament, & Versatile pets for family life


Accepting deposits now

Litters Due:


Giselle x Snuggie

Ulu & Ransom

German Shepherd for Sale

Minki $2000

1 yr Solid black female, house trained, kennel trained, loves people, particular about what dogs she likes so I prefer a home without others. Pictured below is her mom, Giselle.

(978) 270-9200

German Shepherd for Sale

Timber $3500

Amazing working K9 malinois prospect for sale



7 month male AKC registered malinois

Insane food & toy drive

Excellent environmental nerve


Doberman Pinscher for Sale

Family friendly Doberman

Housebroken and off leash obedience



Belgian Malinois Puppies

Born January 12


"Makker" Father

Certified Police K9 with NAPWDA, OFA Good, BH, CGC, & TT

Insane prey, hunt, and ball drive- 100% stable nerve in any environment. Solid tracker, social, no dog aggression.

Makker Pedigree

"Honda" Mother

Best biting female, rock solid nerves, social, 100% clear headed, phenomenal ball, tug, food drive. Large boned/bodied.


"Hondo" Dual Purpose Ceritifed K9 Father

"Chewbacca" Dual Purpose Certified K9 Brother

Mt Vernon, NY

"Loki" Full brother Dual Purpose Certified K9

pic to come

Darius vom Kraftwerk II SOLD

AKC Registered

Family estate protection dog


22 months

Rhett SOLD

Family/Estate/dog for sale

2 1/2 yr male Easy to handle, loves to work, social with family/children and other dogs/horses. Family/Estate/Sport/Protection


Amelia von der Nordsee SOLD

"Meme" is a super family companion and protector. She loves playing ball, car rides, the beach, and is a fantastic jogging partner. She gets along well with other dogs, but is not a pushover.

Contact Brigitte 978 270-9200

"Me Me's German Shepherd Pedigree










Fuego SOLD

Snuggie x Eva


Chewbacca SOLD

Mt Vernon NY PD

14 month Police K-9 prospect, Sport, or Estate Protection dog for sale. Hips/Elbows Guaranteed


Family Estate Prospect For Sale

16 month male

 Social with solid nerve and excellent ball/tug, hunt, play, and pack drive.




Imported Malinois Male pup for sale


Photo by Dave Barbuzzi

Contact Brigitte Franco

978 270-9200 

Blitzen SOLD

Danvers, MA PD

18 month Police K-9 prospect, sport prospect. High Drive. Hips/Elbows Guaranteed



Qwest SOLD

Family Estate & Personal Protection Dog For Sale

Search & Bitework










1 1/2 yr male malinois

Owned By Andy Deitz



Family Estate Prospect For Sale

6 month male

 Social with solid nerve and excellent ball/tug, hunt, play, and pack drive.





German Shepherd Puppies


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